Extreme Heel Pain

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Sometimes it is useful to make an analogy between orthotics and eyeglasses. Over the counter reading glasses and arch supports help people with mild conditions. However, these devices are usually a waste of time and money for severe conditions. Prescription eyewear and custom foot orthotics are both designed to adjust your specific personal bodily imperfections. My orthotic prescriptions are determined computerized and video gait analysis. When considering back pain one must ask what its cause is. How can one control the pain? What self-care prevention strategies can one use to ease back pain? What treatments are available to me?heel pain

Prancing feet — Now take your basic standing posture. Gently lift your right heel off the ground and roll onto your right toes. Place heel back on ground and repeat movement on the left side. Alternate sides. You may hold onto the back of a chair to aid with balance. This builds flexibility in the toes and stretches the arch of the foot. Latin/Rhythm. Latin/rhythm men’s shoes have a larger heel, generally between 2 to 2.5 inches. Ladies Latin/rhythm shoes are open toe and possess a sandal-like appearance with a tall, thin heel, generally 2″-3″ high.

A study was conducted by a renowned specialist, specialized in this technique with patients 9 years after having the procedure. 88% of patients were extremely satisfied after the procedure, 84% of patients had an improvement in heel pain, and ALL patients returned their regular activities in less than 4 weeks! The process takes about ½ hour per foot. Patients walk in, have the procedure, and walk out with a walking boot worn for an unspecified time period at your doctor’s discretion, depending upon the origin of your heel pain (minimum of 24 hours, maximum of 2 weeks).

Then that makes me wonder. I would think that a normal person would look at them and see it doesn’t work. How could anyone even conceive that it would sell? I often wonder who designs these types of shoes? They must wear flip flops all day and have no clue what pain these shoes cause. It is hard enough for me to imagine designing them nevertheless selling them. There are lots of things out there that people do, that other people think are stupid or weird or not right, but wearing these shoes is just unbelievable.